Guidelines for the Authors

  1. All the authors have been given a time limit of twenty (20) minutes, in which fifteen (15) minutes is for the presentation and five (5) minutes is for the Q&A.
  2. Session Coordinators will circulate the google form in the chat box after the sessions have been completed.
  3. All the presented participants are requested to give the full details of address in the google form.
  4. All the presenters who participate presentation on the conference will be given the hard copy of the certificate, and the conference secretary will send the certificate to the presenters by post after conference finish.
  5. All the foreign presenters will be given the soft copy of the certificate.
  6. Note that: only one presented author will get the participation certificate per registration.
  7. Any queries regarding certificate please contact Ms. Ha (phone No. 0979 573483) after the conference finish.
  8. Presentation of all the papers is mandatory as the given schedule, which is updated by sending emails to the corresponding author and the conference website (

Meet you all in the ICERA2022 Online Conference.
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